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Videography/Photography Rates


$1300 -- Videographer or Photographer Day Rate (up to 8 hours on-site including set-up) (Includes 4 hours of post)

$800 -- Videographer or Photographer  Half Day Rate (up to 4 hours on-site including set-up) (Includes 2 hours of post)

$300 -- Videographer or Photographer Hourly Rate (including set up time. 1 hour of post) 

$150 -- Additional Videographer or photographer hours (after day rate of 8 hours)

$400 -- Assistant Day Rate (up to 8 hours on-site including set-up)

$200 -- Assistant Half Day (up to 4 hours on-site including set-up)

** Videographer and Photographer rates are applicable to nearly all DTX Media services including events, interviews, training videos, and more. ** Set up time is billed, but tear down is not. Billed in 30-minute increments rounding up. ** Full days and half days will take scheduling and crew member priority over hourly jobs ** See equipment prices below

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Equipment Rates

Included -- Standard Pro Camera (4k ASP-C or greater 8-bit 4:2:0) 

(APS-C or full frame 24MP and up)

Included -- Standard Professional Lenses 

Included -- Tripods with professional fluid video heads.

$100 -- Standard Professional Audio Kit (Wireless lav mic and or boom)

$200 -- Standard Professional Light Kit (LED key, fill, hair lights + diffusion) 

(Portable strobe + diffusion)

$100 -- Standard Cinematic Motion Tools (SLR sized Gimbal or Slider)

$200  Advanced 200mm telephoto lens

$200 -- Camera Upgrade (4k 10-bit 4:2:2 Full Frame | a7sIII or r5) 

(Full frame 40+MP Resolution such as a7rIII, a7rIV, R5, Z7II, S1R or greater)

$250 -- Additional Cameras

$100 -- Additional Mics $100 -- Teleprompter (requires an operator, can be client)

$100 -- Standard Background / Backdrop

$100 -- Client Monitor

$500 -- Advanced Audio Kit (mixer, multiple mics, and amplification)

$800 -- Advanced Light Kit (Aperture, Kino Flo or equivalent and mods)

$800 -- Advanced Camera (FS7, C300 mkII or similar)

$1200 -- Cine Camera (RED or ARRI complete kits)

$500 -- Cine Lens (Cine lenses or Cinema lenses) *Advanced gear typically requires a dedicated crew member.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Editing Rates

Video Editing Rates

$150/h -- Advanced Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: animation)

$100/h -- Standard Video Editing Hourly Rate (ie: sync, cut, color)

$50/h -- Rush Editing Hourly Add-on.

$100 -- Licensed Music Track (royalty-free, commercial use rights, up to 3 minutes)

$500 -- Professional Voiceover (up to 3 minutes)

$100 -- Professional Voiceover Additional Minutes

$200 -- Stock Video Clip (each) $50 -- Stock Photo (each)

$100 -- Hard Drive & Shipping (HDD or Flash Drive up to 1TB, lower)

** Typically 1 day of shooting requires 2 days of editing.

Photography Editing Rates

$100/ hour -- Advanced Photo Editing Hourly Rate (Photoshop, green screen, HDR, etc)

$50/ hour -- Standard Photo Editing Hourly Rate (crop, exposure, white balance, levels) $50/ hour -- Rush Editing Hourly Rate Add-on.

$5/ image -- Product Photography Clipping (Replace background w/ white or transparent)

** Estimate 30 minutes of editing for every hour shooting.

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Pre-Production Rates

$100/h -- Pre-Production Hourly Rate (scriptwriting, casting, storyboard, waivers, marketing, meetings)

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